Monday, April 16, 2012

PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!

I’m a homebody, and this summer, though I have classes, is the perfect downtime to stay indoors and away from the blistering heat of the sun for some quality rest and relaxation. And how better to spend that time than with a fast internet connection so I can download and browse anything and everything at my convenience? I can listen to my favorite music, be up to date on the latest news, stream all the movies and shows that I want, play games, chat with my friends, do social networking, upload pictures, and more, with a fast internet connection from home. No more waiting for re-runs if I ever miss a show, all I need is a fast internet connection and I can catch it on my own time and at my own leisure. If I want to go out for a movie, I can check the movie schedules online, I can even reserve my ticket online! If I’m going out on a road trip with my family, I can search for maps and directions online and look up all the sights to see and things to try! And now, as a new blogger, a good and fast internet connection is a necessity! There’s no need to leave the house or even to waste time and money because information and multi-media is only a few clicks away with PLDT myDSL and its latest promo, the Great Payday Sale!

And actually, this is so true especially for our family and our internet history! I remember how years ago we used to buy prepaid dial-up internet cards and how even opening my e-mail would already be like snail mail pace! As I got older, and our internet needs increased, especially in high school, we subscribed to a landline and internet provider, and at first it was such a huge improvement from our dial-up days, but before long, we started having all these problems. Not only did the internet connection fluctuate and sometimes refuse to work altogether, even our bundled landline was affected! We practically memorized their customer service hotline and they would give us all sorts of excuses like the problem was originating from our end and not theirs, and they would send repair men late, and even then the same problems would reoccur! However, it’s so hard to change telephone numbers and notify everyone you won’t be using your old number anymore, so Mama hesitated at first to switch to another service provider, but when she saw how frustrated we were that we couldn’t even connect to the internet for school-related purposes, that’s when she was convinced that we wouldn’t put up with it anymore. And that’s when we made the right decision—to subscribe to PLDT myDSL! Since then I’ve never had to fret about not being to access online assignments because of a highly unreliable internet connection! And even with us three sisters and our parents sharing the internet, at Plan 1299 with a bundled landline and Wi-Fi modem, all of us can work and play!

But even for those like me who are already enjoying the benefits of PLDT myDSL, this summer, it’s bringing us even more good news because PLDT myDSL is having the Great Payday Sale! If you haven’t come around to the light side, then now’s your chance to have all your internet needs right at your fingertips, and if you already are (like me) you can still maximize your existing plan! This summer, as we all know, we stay at home more often, and PLDT myDSL, through the Great Payday Sale, is offering the opportunity to surf to your heart’s content from the comfort of your own home, with a fast-paced and strong internet connection! The Great Payday Sale is happening from April 27-29, 2012 and you can avail of PLDT myDSL services by registering at the nearest PLDT Home booth or at your favorite mall, nationwide, no need to go to a PLDT office! Plus, it’s even more streamlined and hassle free because from April 27-29, 2012 at the Great Payday Sale, you need only present 1 (one) valid ID, you don’t even have to shell out any money yet because there’s no initial cash out whatsoever! And for those like me with existing subscriptions, we’re included in the perks of the Great Payday Sale because we can upgrade to still better and faster internet in the biggest Internet sale ever! Imagine that, from 768 Kb in our Plan 1299, we can now get up to 1 Mb! So much win! And that’s not even the half of it, because the Great Payday Sale is giving away freebies like a free Wi-Fi modem, installation, and 1 month of DSL! How can you go wrong with almost PhP5000 worth of savings! And if you want, you can even apply online at!

Experience the difference with PLDT myDSL!

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