Thursday, April 5, 2012

Disclaimers, For Starters


This is not any particular kind of blog. I don’t claim to have any expertise in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food, travel, leisure, technology, gadgets, politics, what have you. This is not a hobbyist blog, but rather it is more a hobby of a blog. If this blog had a persona, it would be apt or fitting to call it a Jack of all trades, but Master of none, because I might dabble now and then in travel and leisure, or sometimes in fashion and beauty, or food, whatever. And when I say I might, I just might, because actually, this blog hasn’t even taken off yet, and who knows what’s in store. And besides this is the Summer of my life, I’m at a crossroads, so to speak, and there’s no telling what could happen. Anything goes, really. It’s anything under the sun, or anything that strikes my fancy. Or even the boring and mundane little details of my life, if I’m in the mood. 


Because I feel like it. Because I just finished, or barely survived, a toxic junior year in college, and I need a little outlet of sorts to vent, to nitpick, to rave, to brood, to contemplate, to run my mouth, to talk my head off, and to just express myself in a non-academic fashion. I have barely recovered from all the papers and research I did this year, and I just need some breathing room, some virtual space to contain the excess of thoughts spilling over in my head and to my mouth, and so on, onto a freer environment where I can process it. Bottom-line: I would just like a more creative approach to sharing my memories and experiences. That’s all.


Yours, Truly. But let me make it clear, I am not a writer, nor do I aspire to be one. It just comes with the territory. As for Mestisang Pango: The Ramblings of a Self-Confessed Narcissist, simple enough, it’s my general description. Growing up, I would always get teased as being “mestisang pango.” For non-Filipino speakers, it means fair skinned but with a wide nose. It’s never really bothered me, if anything I feel it lends a distinct and striking character to my looks. Yes, this is where narcissism comes into play. Obvious much? I am as self-absorbed, self-centered, egotistic as they come. You have been well warned. I am keeping a blog because I want to share bits of myself. I am such an interesting person (no joke), yet I have not such an interesting life. Does that make sense? Meaning to say, I am this cornucopia of weird and random wonders, but my life, or my activities are basically limited to academics and home life. Meanwhile, there are those people who by themselves are boring and have nothing of consequence to say, but they live interesting lives. Like party-goers who have all the fun, but don’t have any intelligent opinions and such. I won’t namedrop here, and really to each his own, who am I to think I have anything worthwhile to say, after all? So, to others it might seem like I don’t have a life, and they’re perfectly entitled to that. But of course, I think I matter. No surprise there.  Hence, this blog is for me to enjoy. It’s for my own benefit, to help me keep it together and stay sane amid all the chaos, more than anything else. If you stumbled on it by chance, lucky you! You get a taste of neuroticism at its finest. And besides you might find something useful or entertaining while you’re at it. 


Philippines: UP Diliman, Quezon City. These are my playgrounds. I love driving and going to the mall. But mostly I am a homebody. Let’s see where the Summer takes me.


I am still figuring out this whole Blogspot thing. Apart from my Korean 10 language elective LiveJournal project, this is the first real blog I’ve managed and I’m still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles.


Hopefully, I can update regularly and maintain this thing.


None. I have a tendency to go beyond the word count. But give it a chance, you never know.

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